Wariboko, “Nigerian Pentecostalism”

Wariboko, Nimi.  2014.  Nigerian Pentecostalism.  Rochester, NY: University of Rochester Press.

Publisher’s Description: This book presents a multidisciplinary study of how Nigerian Pentecostals conceive of and engage with a spirit-filled world. It seeks to discern the spirituality of the charismatic religious movement in Nigeria in relation to issues of politics, national sovereignty, economic development, culture, racial identity, gender, social ethics, and epistemology. Nimi Wariboko describes the faith’s core beliefs and practices, revealing a “spell of the invisible” that defines not only the character of the movement but also believers’ ways of seeing, being, and doing. Written by an insider to the tradition, Nigerian Pentecostalism will also engage outsiders with an interest in critical social theory, political theory, and philosophy.