San Chirico, “The Grace of God”

San Chirico, Kerry P.C. 2016. The Grace of God and the Travails of Contemporary Indian Catholicism. Journal of Global Catholicism 1(1): 56-84.

Abstract: This essay discusses the challenges faced by Indian Catholicism, particularly as it seeks to adapt to and in contemporary, post-colonial India through the process or program of what is called inculturation, a self-conscious program of adaptation to Indian religion and culture. Since Indian Catholicism is constituted by so many irreducible persons-in-relation, the article focuses on the life of the Catholic priest, Swami Ishwar Prasad in whose life we may chart something of the inculturation movement and the Catholic tradition as it is found in North India region, in one rather long and rich lifetime connecting two centuries. The article seeks to show not only how inculturation is understood by one of its chief Indian architects, but also how and why it came to be so central to one person’s life’s work.