Hovi (ed), “Pentecostalism Around the Baltic Sea”

Hovi, Tuija (ed). 2015. Pentecostalism Around the Baltic Sea. Approaching Religion 5(1) (open-access issue).

Table of Contents

Editorial: Pentecostalism around the Baltic Sea.  Tuija Hovi, Ruth Illman

(Re-)Placing Pentecostalism: Swedish Mission and the idea of the Baltic.  Simon Michael Coleman

Research on Pentecostalism in Sweden.  Jan-Åke B Alvarsson

Pentecostal currents and individual mobility: visiting church services in Stockholm County.  Jessica Moberg

Conversion and the transformation of culture in the Finnish Pentecostal movement. Teemu T. Mantsinen

Charismatic Christianity and Pentecostal churches in Estonia from a historical perspective.  Ringo Ringvee

From Pentecost to ‘inner healing’: Religious change and Pentecostal developments in the post-socialist Lithuanian Catholic milieu. Saulius Matulevicius

Localising and accultering the global: The Healing Rooms prayer service network in Finland.  Tuija Hovi

Review ARticle: Pentecostalism in Finland: The Precarious beginning.  Nils G. Holm