Hernández & Campos-Delgado, “Saints and Virgins”

Hernández, Alberto and Amalia Campos-Delgado. 2015. Saints and Virgins: Religious Pluralism in the City of Tijuana. Religion and Society: Advances in Research 6(1): 142-154.

Abstract: A double referent connoting both movement and immobility, the border region has been, for more than a century, the setting for those who come to stay, those who try to cross over into the United States, and, more recently, those who are deported from the US. Accordingly, the religious practices in this area flow along with the shifting populations and are transformed by them. From a socio-anthropological perspective, this article examines the main religious figures venerated in the city of Tijuana, located just south of the US-Mexico border, and the social contexts of their devotees, who have come from other parts of Mexico. This religious panorama does not display a homogeneous group of creeds, but rather reflects a variety of regional traditions in which religion is practiced and divine figures are revered.