Coleman, “The Prosperity Gospel: Debating Charisma, Controversy and Capitalism”

Coleman, Simon. 2016. The Prosperity Gospel: Debating Charisma, Controversy and Capitalism. In Stephen J. Hunt, ed., Handbook of Global Contemporary Christianity: Movements, Institutions, and Allegiance. Leiden: Brill, p. 276-296.

Excerpt: ‘In this chapter, I provide a brief characterisation of the Propserity Gospel, covering its history and manifestations in different parts of the globe. I compare some of the ways in which analysts have tried to explain its spread, and explore reasons why it has attracted so much critque, and even anger. However, I also question the idea that we can regard ‘it’ as a fully unified movement or internally consistent theological positoin …. Ultimately, I suggest that we might think of such Prosperity discourse as manifested less in a single Gospel per se, and more as a set of ethical practices…”