Announcing a new ‘AnthroCyBib’ feature!

AnthroCyBib is pleased to launch a new feature: “Milestones: An AnthroCyBib Occasional Papers Series”!

We invite junior and senior scholars to submit proposals for essays that will critically and comparatively engage theoretical and methodological problems in the anthropology of Christianity. We anticipate relatively brief proposals (~150 words) that explain the core problem to be addressed. AnthroCyBib’s co-curators will offer creative and constructive feedback, which contributors may use to fashion their full essays (~3,000 words). The inaugural essay for this Occasional Papers Series – Tom Boylston’s “Orienting the East” – explores the “conceptual challenges that an anthropology of Orthodoxy raises for a broader anthropology of Christianity.” Contributors are encouraged to engage a wide variety of themes that will creatively advance emerging and established areas of interest.

“Milestones” is part of the site’s ongoing effort to promote collaborative scholarship in and for the anthropological study of global Christianity. In addition to the initial stage of feedback, completed essays will be peer-reviewed. AnthroCyBib uses an attribution, non-commercial, share-alike creative commons license for all materials published.

Your AnthroCyBib Co-Curators,

Jon Bialecki, James Bielo, Tom Boylston, & Naomi Haynes