Tarango, Angela. 2015. Choosing the Jesus Way: American Indian Pentecostals and the Fight for the Indigenous Principle.

Reviewed by Aminta Arrington (John Brown University). In the 1880s, two missions administrators, one on each side of the Atlantic Ocean, simultaneously, yet independently, developed the indigenous principle (also called the three-self principle): that the goal of missions should be to create self-supporting, self-governing, and self-propagating churches

Sanders, Talena. 2013. Liahona

Reviewed by Jon Bialecki (University of Edinburgh). Liahona is not an ethnographic film. It is not even a documentary, or, at least, a documentary of the standard type. Consisting of images shot on scratchy 16 millimeter film using a hand camera, mixed with a wealth of found footage (much of it originally filmed by the Church of the Latter Day Saints