Reviewer Guidelines

Many thanks upfront for your interest, time, and intellectual energy!

AnthroCyBib is not institutionally affiliated, which means reviewers are able to use creative and exploratory approaches that can be limited or excluded in more conventional review venues. There are basic expectations of professionalism, a minimum amount of summary content, and recommendations for use. Otherwise, reviewers are strongly encouraged to critically explore books in inventive and engaging ways. AnthroCyBib reviews are distinctive in that they should explicitly address how the book under consideration contributes to the broader, comparative project of the anthropology of Christianity.

Because AnthroCyBib is not a print journal, reviewers also have more flexibility in the length of their reviews than in conventional review venues. In the interest of consistency, reviewers should aim for between 1000 and 3000 words (though, more ambitious reviews can be negotiated). Reviewers are expected to closely proofread their review before submitting the finalized version for publication on the site.

In consideration for publication of the author’s work on the AnthroCyBib website, the author grants AnthroCyBib a non-exclusive right to distribute the author’s submission under an attribution, non-commercial, share-alike creative commons license. Furthermore, the author agrees that any republication of either all of the work, or selections of the work, by the author will acknowledge previous publication of the work on AnthroCyBib. Syllabi and other course materials are not subject to the obligation to acknowledge previous publication. Author retains all other rights over author’s work, including the right of republication for commercial use.