Haynes, “The Expansive Present”

Haynes, Naomi. (2020) “The Expansive Present: A New Model of Christian Time” (with comments and reply). Current Anthropology. DOI: 10.1086/706902.

Napolitano, “Francis, a Criollo Pope”

Napolitano, Valentina. 2019. “Francis, a Criollo Pope.”¬†Religion and Society¬†10(1):63-80. Abstract:¬†This article explores the tension between Pope Francis as a ‘trickster’

Schuff, “Dancing Faith”

Schuff, Hildegunn Marie T√łnnessen. 2019. “Dancing Faith: Contemporary Christian Dance in Norway.”¬†Journal of Contemporary Religion 34(3): 529-549. Abstract:¬†Although dance is

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