Cimino et al. “Ecologies of Faith in New York City”

Cimino, Richard; Nadia A. Mian; and Weishan Huang, eds.  2013. Ecologies of Faith in New York City: The Evolution of Religious Institutions.  Bloomington: Indiana University Press.

Publisher’s Description: Ecologies of Faith in New York City examines patterns of interreligious cooperation and conflict in New York City. It explores how representative congregations in this religiously diverse city interact with their surroundings by competing for members, seeking out niches, or cooperating via coalitions and neighborhood organizations. Based on in-depth research in New York’s ethnically mixed and rapidly changing neighborhoods, the essays in the volume describe how religious institutions shape and are shaped by their environments, what new roles they have assumed, and how they relate to other religious groups in the community.

Chapters of Interest:

Filling Niches and Pews in Williamsburg and Greenpoint: The Religious Ecology of Gentrification Richard Cimino

Korean American Churches and the Negotiation of Space in Flushing, Queens Keun-Joo Christine Pae

Diversity and Competition: Politics and Conflict in New Immigrant Communities Weishan Huang

The Brazilianization of New York City: Brazilian Immigrants and Evangelical Churches in a Pluralized Urban Landscape Donizete Rodrigues

Building and Expanding Communities: African Immigrant Congregations and the Challenge of Diversity Moses Biney

Changing Lives One Scoop at a Time: The Creation of Alphabet Scoop on the Lower East Side Sheila P. Johnson

Navigating Property Development through a Framework of Religious Ecology: The Case of Trinity Lutheran Church Nadia A. Mian