AnthroCyBib News and Updates

Dear AnthroCyBib supporters:

Our project to curate a portal that bolsters research and teaching in the anthropology of Christianity continues to thrive. For this post, we offer an update on the resources we maintain and a transition within our team.

First and foremost, we want to thank Dr. Tom Boylston (University of Edinburgh) for his more than three years of work on the project. Tom is stepping down as an AnthroCyBib co-curator; of course, we can look forward to continue reading his tremendous work on Ethiopian Orthodoxy, materiality, and other comparative issues in the study of global Christianity and religion. A million thanks to Tom for his contributions!

Second, we are excited to welcome Dr. Hillary Kaell (Concordia University, Montreal) to the curator team. Hillary maintains a robust research agenda, with ongoing interests in pilgrimage, messianic Judaism, public religion, and the historical and religious dimensions of child sponsorship programs.

Along with our regular bibliographic postings of new publications in the field, explore AnthroCyBib’s other features and contact us if you are interested in contributing:

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our readers and contributors for their ongoing support of AnthroCyBib; best wishes in your teaching and research.

Your AnthroCyBib Curators,

Jon Bialecki, James Bielo, Naomi Haynes, & Hillary Kaell