AnthroCyBib Expands!

In October 2011 the Anthropology of Christianity Bibliographic Blog, better known as AnthroCyBib (,was launched as an online resource where new publications in the anthropology of Christianity are announced. This project’s inaugural year was received with substantial enthusiasm. Scholars across numerous fields have appreciated this searchable hub in their research and teaching.

Given this success, AnthroCyBib will expand its scope beginning January 2013. Along with the bibliographic function, two additional features will be added. First, we welcome requests and invitations for book reviews. By hosting single and joint review essays, AnthroCyBib can strengthen its role as a unique and valuable source aiding coherence and creativity in the development of the anthropology of Christianity. Authors and potential reviewers may contact any of the co-curators to initiate a review. Second, AnthroCyBib will begin featuring conference review reports. As evidenced by the 2012 American Anthropological Association meetings in San Francisco, panels and presentations in the anthropology of Christianity are both well-represented and well-attended. Beginning with the Society for the Anthropology of Religion meetings to be held in Pasadena, California in April 2013, a guest reporter will post a review of relevant presentations on AnthroCyBib following the conference. This is an excellent opportunity for students and established scholars alike to share reflections on the emerging work being presented in conference settings. Interested reporters may contact any of the co-curators to inquire about serving or to suggest proceedings for coverage.

We look forward to hearing from colleagues about both of these additions, and thank all those who have supported AnthroCyBib in its first year.

Your AnthroCyBib co-curators,

Jon Bialecki (University of California, San Diego;

James S. Bielo (Miami University;

Naomi Haynes (University of Edinburgh;

Anthony Shenoda (Leiden University College;